The Neil Jones Home Improvement team consists of loyal and skilled contractors who are masters of their trade with over 30 years of experience. The team is built on honesty, integrity and the satisfaction of their customers. Neil Sr. and Neil Jr. are both personally involved from the beginning to end of each project. The combination of knowledge from them both allows them to seamlessly work together to do things right the first time!


By the time he was 25 running his own business and supplying his own work. At the same time he was starting a family. By the time he was 30 he had three children. His son Neil Jr. quickly became intrigued by his fathers line of work. Most weekends Neil Jr. would work with his father being the helping hand he once was. Jr. would tell his grandparents "One day I'll take over from dad!"

Neil Jr. attended college to study business and then continued to manage various different types of business's. He then later returned to work with his father, in the family business.

They continued to work hard together. Neil Sr.'s knowledge of the trade coupled with Neil Jr.'s business skills and passion for customer satisfaction makes them a great team and a close family!

Neil Jones Sr.

Neil Jones Jr.